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Support a local nonprofit by sponsoring their membership. 


Exposure for your business locally.


Awareness for a cause with your support.


Yes, I would like to sponsor a nonprofit organization!

Limited sponsorships are available. 

Sponsorship fee is $800 annually per nonprofit organization

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Your business logo displayed on our Sponsor Wall for a period of 12-months at The Barnyard Shopping Village.

  • Mention and business exposure in our monthly newsletter.

  • Access to book space for events or other business uses.†

  • Build community ties. Learn More

  • Boost staff morale. Learn More

  • Help raise awareness. Learn More

HOW IT WORKS: Click on the "Sponsor Form" button above to get started. Once The Community Shared Space receives your sponsorship form and payment we will contact the nonprofit organization you've selected for their approval and notify you. See our FAQ for more information.

†Member booking rate does not apply to sponsors. Limited scheduling availability.

Build Community Ties.

By sponsoring a local nonprofit you can reach a whole new audience. Many people interact with nonprofit organizations, and when you sponsor them, all of their donors and volunteers get to know about your business too, exposing your business to more customers and even potential future employees. Sponsoring a nonprofit will help your business create more connections. 

Group of Volunteers
Group Seflie

Boost Staff Morale.

Sponsoring a nonprofit organization can help boost your staffs' morale. Nothing brings people together like helping others. When your business sponsors a nonprofit, you and your staff will have the opportunity to volunteer and support them in many ways. These opportunities help the nonprofit and help your employees bond, creating a stronger workplace.


Help Raise Awareness.

Your sponsorship gives the nonprofit organization opportunities they may not have otherwise. The organization you are sponsoring may not have the funds to spend on in-person awareness campaigns. By sponsoring their membership you can help them raise awareness  they need, which will end up helping reach more people in the community in the long run.

Charity Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

Why sponsor a nonprofit's membership? When you, your business or foundation supports a nonprofit, the benefits and exposure earn your brand a community badge. Also, having your brand name or logo displayed at The Barnyard for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, is smart.

How does sponsorship work? Simply fill out the form with the nonprofit organization you would like to sponsor and submit with payment. Once received we will contact you with a status. 


Who can become a sponsor? Any business, foundation or individual can sponsor a nonprofit organization of their choosing that services the local Monterey County area.


Is my sponsorship tax-deductible? We recommend that you contact a tax expert to find out exactly how your sponsorship may be a donation for the nonprofit organization of your choosing.


How do I find an organization to sponsor? We suggest that you find a cause that you want to support, see grow and be part of, either through community pages, asking others or visiting an online directory.


Why does the sponsored organization need to approve the sponsorship? Sponsoring is a great gift for any organization since it will help them grow their mission, but some nonprofit organizations have to manage how their organization is affiliated due to a conflicts of interest. When you decide to sponsor a nonprofit organization you accept the terms that It is solely up to the nonprofit organization to decide on what merits they accept the sponsorship, and that at no point is the nonprofit organization be demanded to disclose, under any jurisdiction, to anyone person or entity their reasoning for accepting or declining the sponsorship.


How many organizations can I sponsor? Our space is limited but you can sponsor as many organizations as available.


Help Raise Community Awareness.
Become a sponsor today!

Limited sponsorships are available. 

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