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Meetings, Seminars & Workshops

Flexible hourly options that fit all budgets. Our hybrid floor plan allows for meetings of 4 to workshops with 65 people. 

About One-Time Booking

Book Monday through Sunday from 7am to 11pm.

No Membership Required. 

Fast WiFi, Smart TVs, Projector.

Owner, Peace of Mind Prep

"The Community Shared Space is a wonderful option if you need to do a presentation, host a party, and so much more. They have everything you need and are so accommodating!"

One Space, Many Workspace Solutions

• 6ft Tables (qty. 6)

• 8ft Tables (qty. 2)*

• Cocktail Tables (qty. 4)*

• Folding Metal Chairs (qty. 32)

• Folding Resin Chairs (qty. 50)*

• Conference Chairs (qty. 12)

• Smart TVs (qty. 3)

• 110” screen with 4k projector

• Soundbar with microphones

• Free High Speed WiFi

• Free all-day parking

• Remote access

• Private and secure space

• Bring your own food

• Hire your own vendors

*Included with Premium Bookings

Premium Bookings available after 12/1/2023.


Business Booking Hourly Rate

Like most coworking places we offer some of the same professional amenities and benefits. In addition, we offer greater privacy, flexibility, and the ability to make the space work more easily for your business needs.

We can accommodate a meeting for 4 or 28, a seminar for 50 or a workshop for 52 making us your one-stop solution for your in-person business needs. You can bring your own food, from coffee to gourmet dinners, hire a caterer of your choosing or we can easily connect you to what you’re looking for to make it your own!


Includes 12 conference chairs, 20 folding metal chairs and 6 six foot tables. Ideal for bookings with seating for up to 20 people. 

$45 per hour

Monday through Friday

7am to 11pm

65 person capacity


Includes additional 50 resin folding chairs, 2 eight foot tables and 4 cocktail tables. Ideal for bookings for large meetings, seminars and workshops people. 

$65 per hour

Monday through Friday

7am to 11pm

65 person capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours I can book The Community Shared Space?

The Community Shared Space can be booked anytime within 7am to 11pm from Monday through Sunday. 

Can I book on the weekend?

Yes. Weekend bookings are available for an additional fee.

Can I book during a Holiday?

Yes. When you book you receive a code for remote entry granting you access for the duration of your booking, including Holidays. 

What types of bookings can I get at the business discounted rate?

You can book meetings, seminars and workshops from Monday through Friday. Excluded are special events, such as birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, receptions, corporate gatherings and others. Please contact us to determine your type of booking if you need assistance.

What is the difference between a Standard and a Premium Booking hour?

Both types of booking hours include most of the same amenities, except Premium Booking hours include an additional 50 resin folding chairs, 2 8ft. tables and 4 cocktail tables. 

Can I bring my own food, hire my own caterer or have it delivered from a restaurant?

Yes. Feel free to bring your own food, hire a caterer of your choice or get it from a local restaurant.  Depending on the size of your meeting, seminar or workshop a cleaning fee may apply. 

Can I host a public workshop?

Yes. The Community Shared Space is ideal for public events. There is ample free parking for all of your guests. Most public events required insurance, deposit and cleaning fee please contact us for details.

What is nearby The Community Shared Space?

Conveniently located in The Barnyard Shopping Village there are a variety of restaurants and shops within a few steps. An additional 50+ restaurants can be found within 2 miles offering a variety of catering, delivery and take-out options.

Meeting, Seminar or Workshop Booking

About Your Booking

Please allow time for setting up and clean up when requesting a booking time.

Optional Vendors

You can bring your own food and alcohol (private bookings only, insurance required). We can also connect you with vendors for your event.

Vendors (select all that apply)

Premium Booking Option

AVAILABLE AFTER DECEMBER 1, 2023. Get 50 resin folding chairs, 2 8ft. tables and 4 cocktail tables in addition to the tables and chairs included with Standard Booking.

Hold Date Option

Option to place on-hold the date and times requested if available. 

Additional Details

Thanks! We'll send you a price quote shortly.

We reserve the right to refuse bookings at our own discretion. Pricing subject to change without prior notice. Any type of use that is open to the public must be pre-approved by The Community Shared Space prior to being allowed.

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