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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a space tailored to nonprofit organizations and charities where they can grow their community outreach opportunities in a low-cost and flexible manner. 

The Community Shared Space is a flexible coworking and event space mainly tailored for nonprofit organizations and charities. Founded by Alex Roman Ortiz, a consultant for nonprofit organizations providing marketing, business development and community outreach services. After many years of working in the nonprofit sector having to plan events for fundraisers and community outreach a common issue always came up; having a place with good exposure,  that's easily accessible,  cost-efficient and that also allowed for flexibility in scheduling. The solution came from what once a coworking space for wedding professionals started by Alex and his wife, to now a business that fulfills their passion and can truly serve an underserved group of our community - nonprofits and charities making a difference! 

The Community Shared Space connects nonprofits with the community and the business community with nonprofits. We achieve this by providing our members with a low-cost annual membership for using our space, creating the opportunity for greater community growth for their cause. In addition, we offer the opportunity for businesses to sponsor a nonprofit or charity's membership and in turn the business receives advertising exposure through our space and our various media channels.

Providing a convenient and comfortable space for meetings, events, fundraisers, and a variety of pop-up awareness events such as bake sales, pet adoptions, food bank, blood drive, and more, is what The Community Shared Space is for. There is really no limit to the many ways our space can be used by nonprofits and charities.

The Community Shared Space is a simple name because we want our member organizations and charities to carry their name into our space. It's always about their cause, their community outreach to raise funds, grow their donor base and get more volunteers.

Together we believe we can help nonprofit organizations and charities grow and reach their goals to continue making a difference in our community.


Get 4 hours of use of the entire space for FREE every month.

Limited memberships are available. 

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