Shared Space for Events, Meetings, Outreach & Workshops


One space offers many uses for connecting in-person.

3756 The Barnyard, Suite H23, Carmel, CA 93923


Flexible Space

• 1,000 square feet
• 110" Projector Screen
• 2 Smart Televisions
• PA System for Presentations
• Smart Lighting Control
• Event Capacity for 40+ People
• Conference Table Seating for 12
• Workshop Seating for 20+
• Lounge with Seating for 9
• Ample Free Parking

Designed for the community, our shared space is available for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to book.

Non-Member Booking

Ideal when needing a one-time or occasional space.

Membership Options

Available to nonprofits, businesses, and entrepreneurs. 


Give back and gain exposure by sponsoring a nonprofit's membership

Floor Plan Layouts

Schedule your next in-person event, meeting or workshop using one of our layout ideas or create your own. The space is equipped with a lounge, 20 folding chairs, 12 conference chairs, 6 tables, 3 isle tables and a coffee bar for your next booking. 

Standard floor plan layout
Event floor plan layout
Workshop floor plan layout

In-Person Awareness

Having the ability to unite local communities in-person through a variety of events, workshops and seminars enhances your business or organization's awareness value because the person has initiated interest by taking the time to be there in person.

Volunteering with Children


More People by demonstrating your enthusiasm and vision you will inspire others. Whether it's one person or a group of people, we provide the space to build on. 

Volunteers working together


Your Mission through social awareness that builds trust your mission will grow and achieve new goals. We provide you the space to create awareness.

Volunteer Team


Your Community to participate and be able to reach new milestones through their support. Through our space you can motivate others through in-person engagement. 

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3756 The Barnyard

Suite H23

Carmel, CA 93923

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