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Our vendor directory reaches thousands of locals, tourists and qualified individuals and businesses planning their next meeting or event in the area.


Disc Jockey
Event Planner
Favors & Gifts
Hair & Makeup
Photo Booth


Video Conferencing


The Community Shared Space reaches a variety of businesses, nonprofits and consumer demographics. Every month multiple groups book The Community for recurring workshops, classes and meetings. Additionally, consumers host weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and many other types of events. A variety of public events, from fundraisers, to real estate workshops to art shows are hosted at The Community Shared Space.

We do not charge clients a vendor fee or percentage. 

We make it convenient for our clients to choose your business.

We do not charge vendors a percentage of their sale.

We do not charge vendors a referral fee.

We do not ask vendors to give us a "kick-back".

Our Fee: $48 per year

Why is there a fee?

Our Fee: $4/month ($48 paid annually)

We are an event and meeting venue that offers a directory of vendors to our clients to make it more convenient for them, whether or not they end up booking with us. With over 300 bookings per year and over 3,000 inquiries emailed that could potentially direct them to your business we've come to know the needs of our clients. And, we know that they do not want to pay vendor fees or percentages. We also understand business and marketing from a "I have to pay for this now" perspective but there is a cost to us for offering this service. For this reason our fee is annual and set at $48 per business. This allows us to cover our monthly expenses of managing and updating the directory at $4 per business.

Become a Vendor

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