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Tile Ad Placement

Section B: Main Area

The main area of The Community is where all the action takes place. With a total of 38 ad tiles available this area members and guests will host a variety of private and public events and meetings, from weddings, to monthly boar meetings, birthday parties and fundraisers.


$26 monthly / $264 annually

No commitment. Cancel anytime.


  • Visible in Living Wall area of The Community.

  • 12" x 12" full color imprint native acoustic sound board tile.

  • Social Media: 1 IG / FB Story every month.

  • Newsletter: Branded inclusion every month.

  • Referrals & Leads: Included in footer of responses.

  • Community supporter badge.

  • Inclusion in media outreach announcements

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Section B1: Tiles 1 to 6

Temporary Sec B 1-6.png
Tile B1 - Sold
Tile B3 - Sold
Tile B6 - Sold
The Community.png

Section B2: Tiles 7 to 10

Temporary Sec B 7-10.png
Tile B8 - Sold
Tile B9 - Sold
The Community.png

Section B5: Tiles 19 to 20

Temporary Sec B 19-20.png
The Community.png

Tiles are available on a first come basis. Monthly and annual subscriptions auto-renew until cancelled. Subscription may be cancelled at anytime. No prorated refunds provided, all payments received are nonrefundable once charged.

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