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The Courtyard

Located at The Barnyard Shopping Village the courtyard offers an additional area for guest to gather. Seven rustic barns provide the backdrop to the brick courtyard with gardens of flaming trumpet vine, crimson bougainvillea, antique roses, Peruvian lilies, shasta daisies, echinecea and an array of seasonal annuals. 

Courtyard Map Layout

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Booking of the Courtyard is by request only. 

Courtyard rules and guidelines:

  1. Use of the Courtyard area must be approved by The Community Shared Space prior to booking.

  2. The Courtyard books for an additional fee.

  3. If serving alcohol, an ABC permit is required prior to serving alcohol.

  4. Smoking and vaping and licensed cannabis related products are prohibited.

  5. Music (live or prerecorded) is not allowed unless pre-approved by The Community Shared Space.

  6. Additional insurance and deposit required.

  7. If alcoholic beverages are present, volunteers or staff at levels A and C of the courtyard are to be present throughout the duration of the booking.

  8. The Courtyard area has three levels accessible only by stairs.

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